What does misconduct include?

Items returned in an unacceptable condition

For returns received in an unacceptable condition and declined by the store, a $5 misconduct fee applies. This includes returning used or tampered items.


If you think that your return will be declined by the store, in accordance with their return policy, we recommend you don’t use Refundid.


Fraudulent behavior

For any refund processed in bad faith, a $10 fee applies. This includes direct attempts at fraud such as providing false tracking numbers or empty packages.


If a retailer declines a return based on other reasons deemed to be misconduct, i.e sending back an incorrect item, a flat $1 fee will apply.


Tracking number misconduct fees

If you do not purchase a shipping label from Refundid or a valid tracking number is not provided within 3 business days of receiving a refund, a $2 daily fee is charged from the 4th business day until the shipping label is provided.


In the event that a shipping label is not provided within 6 business days of lodging the refund, Refundid will assume that you have changed your mind and are now wanting to keep the item that you purchased. In this event, we will retrieve the total refund amount and charge an additional $5 dishonor fee.


Failed-to-return misconduct fees


If you fail to return a product you’ve been refunded within 7 days of receiving your refund, we will consider you to have changed your mind and retrieve the refund amount paid.


If you don’t think you’ll be able to return an item within 7 days of receiving your refund, we recommend you do not use Refundid. All of our retail partners offer alternative refund solutions which may be better suited to you.

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